Joe Burrow says he improved his game by focusing on throwing mechanics this offseason

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow spent the offseason rehabbing from a serious knee injury, but that didn’t prevent him from turning himself into a better passer.

Burrow says that he did detailed work on throwing mechanics and believes he’s a better player right now than he was as a rookie last year.

“I’ve improved my entire game right now,” Burrow said, via Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I’m excited to show all my improvements – deep ball, intermediate, protections, everything. I’m just a much better all-around player.”

Burrow said his footwork was a major focus this offseason.

“The biggest thing is getting all my cleats in the ground, both on my back foot and my front foot,” Burrow said. “Instead of stepping with my toe and rotating there, I’m stepping with my full foot and not rotating as much. And that’s just allowing me to generate more torque and power in my core and it will translate up to my arm.”

A healthy Burrow is the Bengals’ top priority. A better Burrow would be a huge sign that the Bengals may finally be ready to turn things around.